Zamzar: Download TED Videos

Earlier this week I posted information on how to use to download YouTube videos. I’ve since had some inquiries from readers regarding downloading TED videos. To download any video using, you need to locate the video file itself…. Read moreZamzar: Download TED Videos

Zamzar: Download and Convert Video Files

UPDATED 6/24/2012  Zamzar received a cease and desist letter this month from Google, the new owners of YouTube.   Google pointed out that downloading YouTube videos violates YouTube’s terms of service.  Read the letter. Zamzar, a free online file conversion… Read moreZamzar: Download and Convert Video Files

Eyejot: Video Record Your Email

For those who worry about being misunderstood in email, how about video recording your message instead? The cleverly named Eyejot provides an easy web-based user interface for recording and emailing video. They also provide a bookmarklet, a small program that… Read moreEyejot: Video Record Your Email