Office 365 Bookings tool

I first wrote about the YouCanBook.Me scheduling tool in 2010. YouCanBook.Me checks your web-based calendar to see when you are free, and then makes your free times schedulable by others, such as students. To access YouCanBook.Me’s full power, you need… Read moreOffice 365 Bookings tool

Add term weeks to Google Calendar

My college is on quarters, so it’s time once again for me to reset the due dates on my courses in preparation for spring quarter. I organize my class schedule by weeks, so it’s helpful for me to know what… Read moreAdd term weeks to Google Calendar Use Email to Add Appointments to Google Calendar

[Update 7/1/2015: appears to be no more.] In academia, email continues to be our primary means of communication. Since this is where we spend most of our working hours, it makes sense that we use email to keep our… Read Use Email to Add Appointments to Google Calendar


Are you looking for a tool that works as a to-do list manager and a project manager? A tool that will work for your own use as well as being good for collaborative work? A tool that is as effective… Read moreTrello

Calendly: Let Others Schedule Themselves

In 2011 I wrote about YouCanBook.Me (see this blog post), the very cool service that lets others schedule themselves into your calendar. YouCanBook.Me has business as its target audience, so many of its features are more than what the run-of-the-mill… Read moreCalendly: Let Others Schedule Themselves

YouCanBook.Me: “Units per slot”

For the YouCanBook.Me users (see this blog post for more info about this service), did you know that you can let more than one person sign up for a given time slot? Let’s say that you wanted to do group… Read moreYouCanBook.Me: “Units per slot”

Saving a Gmail Message as a Google Calendar Event

Did you know that you can ‘import’ a gmail message into a new Google calendar event? Did you know that what most of us call appointments, Google calls events? “I have an event scheduled with my dentist.” That makes it… Read moreSaving a Gmail Message as a Google Calendar Event

Google Calendar: Adding Attachments

I’m attending a workshop at a nearby college in a couple weeks, and the organizer has already emailed me a parking pass to print and bring with me. As I was thinking about where to save the parking pass so… Read moreGoogle Calendar: Adding Attachments

YouCanBook.Me: Now with Tentative Appointments

My favorite appointment scheduling service, YouCanBook.Me, lets people book themselves into your calendar. (See this earlier blog post for more about how YouCanBook.Me works.) One hesitation in using the service I’ve heard from faculty is that they want students to… Read moreYouCanBook.Me: Now with Tentative Appointments

Boomerang Calendar: Gmail/Calendar Integration

Boomerang Calendar, a gmail addin, looks for date/time information in your incoming gmail messages, compares them against your Google Calendar entries, and lets you know if you’re free or not, and then lets you schedule a time. It also allows… Read moreBoomerang Calendar: Gmail/Calendar Integration