Dropbox Selective Sync

Years ago you created a Dropbox account and installed Dropbox on your home computer, your work computer, your personal laptop, and maybe even a work laptop. It was, and is, a great way to access all of your files wherever… Read moreDropbox Selective Sync

Dropbox: Save Bookmarks

Over the summer, Dropbox added a nifty new feature. Save bookmarks from your web browser in any Dropbox folder. Highlight the URL in your web browser, left click on the highlighted URL, and drag it into your chosen Dropbox folder…. Read moreDropbox: Save Bookmarks

Dropbox: File Requests

Once upon a time, there was a third party service for Dropbox called DropItToMe. It allowed others to upload files to your Dropbox account. That service went extinct some time ago, but the programmers at Dropbox have been working on… Read moreDropbox: File Requests

Flashcard Machine

I’m not a big fan of flashcards, although I have found an interesting use for them. Flashcards take the material you’re learning out of context making it harder to learn, but easier to memorize. Students can use flashcards, for example,… Read moreFlashcard Machine

Same.io: Share Your Screen… and Have a Video Conference Call

As readers of my blog know, I’ve been a big fan of Join.me for screen sharing. While Same.io doesn’t allow others to control your screen like Join.me does (yet?), Same.io does have video conferencing. Let’s take a look at how… Read moreSame.io: Share Your Screen… and Have a Video Conference Call


Are you looking for a tool that works as a to-do list manager and a project manager? A tool that will work for your own use as well as being good for collaborative work? A tool that is as effective… Read moreTrello

Speek: Conference Calling

I’ve written before about Join.Me for communicating with others while sharing your computer screen. (See the most recent post.) But let’s say that you don’t want to share your screen. You just want to have a conference call (maybe join… Read moreSpeek: Conference Calling

Scribblar: Shared Whiteboard

You are working with a student or a colleague. You are both standing in front of a whiteboard drawing, writing, and discussing your topic. But how do you do this online if you and your collaborator are not in the… Read moreScribblar: Shared Whiteboard

Screenhero: Screen Sharing with Dual Control

Join.me is my go-to screen-sharing application with Google Hangouts running a close second. However, both only allow one person to “be” on the screen at any given time. ScreenHero (Windows and Mac) allows two people on the screen simultaneously. Getting… Read moreScreenhero: Screen Sharing with Dual Control

Google Hangout: Meet with Students or Collaborators

Google Hangout is a quick and intuitive way to work with up to 9 others in a virtual environment. If you have a Google account, you can create a Hangout. Talk in real time over your computer’s microphone, see each… Read moreGoogle Hangout: Meet with Students or Collaborators