Bone conduction headphones

If you’re teaching and attending committee meetings remotely, you’re spending some serious quality time with your headphones. I had never found earbuds that didn’t irritate my ears after an hour or so. Over-the-ear headphones make my ears hot, and the… Read moreBone conduction headphones Share Your Screen… and Have a Video Conference Call

As readers of my blog know, I’ve been a big fan of for screen sharing. While doesn’t allow others to control your screen like does (yet?), does have video conferencing. Let’s take a look at how… Read Share Your Screen… and Have a Video Conference Call

KeepVid: Save Online Videos

You like to show the occasional video in your class. Your favorite ones are online. And sometimes, just often enough, your classroom loses its internet connection. Or maybe one too many of your favorite videos have suddenly disappeared from the… Read moreKeepVid: Save Online Videos

VLC Media Player: Take Stills from Video

The VLC Media Player is arguably the best video player out there. All the cool kids use it. And it’s free. It’s cross-platform. That means that whatever you’re running, e.g., Windows, Mac, Linus, Android, iOS, VLC Media Player will play…. Read moreVLC Media Player: Take Stills from Video

Inserting a YouTube Video in Word Document

One of my colleagues asked how to insert a video into a Word document. Here are excellent instructions for inserting a YouTube video. If his instructions for getting the “Developer” tab don’t work for you, see these instructions.  

Screencast-o-Matic: Easy Screen Recorder

If you have Tegrity, Camtasia, or Camtasia’s lightweight little brother Jing, and you’re comfortable with those, no need to venture into new territory. Unless of course you are looking for a quick screen recorder without the bells and whistles with… Read moreScreencast-o-Matic: Easy Screen Recorder

Applying Psychological Science: Practice at Retrieval

A group of psychological scientists have identified 25 principles of learning. Of those 25, this group identified 9 to explore in greater depth as they relate to instruction. In this series of posts, I’ll look at each in turn, discussing… Read moreApplying Psychological Science: Practice at Retrieval

QTT: Download TED Videos

Quick Tech Tip: In a previous post (November, 2010) I suggested using Zamzar to download TED videos. Since then TED has added this functionality themselves. Below the video, click the “DOWNLOAD” button. That will call up this window. Right-click on… Read moreQTT: Download TED Videos

Videodropper: Download YouTube Videos Directly to Dropbox

UPDATED 5/17/2014 Videodropper is now Orchard, which is nothing like Videodropper.  If you’re looking for a video downloader, check out KeepVid.  This blog post explains how it works. UPDATED 6/24/2012 A visit to the website shows that the service is… Read moreVideodropper: Download YouTube Videos Directly to Dropbox

YouTube: Link to a Specific Time

Here’s a quick tip for YouTube users. Let’s say that you’d like to show a YouTube video in class, live from the web. (See this post to learn how to download YouTube videos to your computer for viewing offline.) You… Read moreYouTube: Link to a Specific Time