Gmail: Canned Responses

I use Phrase Express for all of my canned response needs (see this post, for example), but for those of you who just want canned responses in Gmail, check out this Google Labs option. Enabling Canned Responses In Gmail, go… Read moreGmail: Canned Responses

PowerPoint: Animating Charts

I was recently putting together a PowerPoint 2010 presentation that had a lot of charts in it. I wanted to reveal the data gradually, so I looked for a way to animate. It’s easy to do, if not entirely intuitive…. Read morePowerPoint: Animating Charts

Google Calendar: Adding Attachments

I’m attending a workshop at a nearby college in a couple weeks, and the organizer has already emailed me a parking pass to print and bring with me. As I was thinking about where to save the parking pass so… Read moreGoogle Calendar: Adding Attachments

Create Your Own Website: Weebly

I’m often asked about the easiest way to set up a website. While the course management systems are fine for, well, managing courses, if you want students to access information before or after the course a personal website is a… Read moreCreate Your Own Website: Weebly

Rude Emails: PhraseExpress Can Help You Cope

I’ve written before about the utility of PhraseExpress. PhraseExpress (Windows; Mac users try TextExpander) allows you to create text shortcuts. For example, when I type #IV it automatically expands to independent variable; #slo will expand to student learning outcome; #entry… Read moreRude Emails: PhraseExpress Can Help You Cope

Dropbox: Two-Step Verification

Dropbox recently enabled two-step verification. With two-step verification, when you log on using a new device, you need both your password and a code from your phone. (Use it for your Google account, too.) If someone does get hold of… Read moreDropbox: Two-Step Verification

Searching Google Land with Shortmarks

Late last year I wrote about Shortmarks (see blog post), a web-based service that provides a faster way to visit the web. For example, when I type the letter h in my browser’s address box, I’m whisked to my college’s… Read moreSearching Google Land with Shortmarks

Smartboard Alternative: Using a Tablet

Have a tablet (Android or iPad)? If not, are you looking for a reason to get one? What if I told you that a tablet can be a mobile smartboard? I’m using Splashtop’s Whiteboard. In my classroom, I hook up… Read moreSmartboard Alternative: Using a Tablet

QTT: Drawing on PowerPoint Slides

Quick Tech Tip. Did you know that you can draw on PowerPoint slides during your presentation? You can use your mouse if you don’t have a touchscreen. When you run your PowerPoint slides, in the bottom left corner of the… Read moreQTT: Drawing on PowerPoint Slides

Boomerang Calendar: Gmail/Calendar Integration

Boomerang Calendar, a gmail addin, looks for date/time information in your incoming gmail messages, compares them against your Google Calendar entries, and lets you know if you’re free or not, and then lets you schedule a time. It also allows… Read moreBoomerang Calendar: Gmail/Calendar Integration