Things I’m Grateful for

My personal laptop was no longer as useful as it had once been, so I took the plunge this weekend and bought a new one. Of course it’s never that easy. Oh, the purchasing was easy enough, it was the… Read moreThings I’m Grateful for

Delicious: Good News!

As many of you know, I’ve been a fan of Delicious social bookmarks for quite a while. (See this post from two years ago.) Its future came into question recently when Yahoo, who bought Delicious in 2004, decided to yank… Read moreDelicious: Good News!

My Psych 100 Course Site: A Tour

Yesterday I gave you a tour of the main page of my website. Today I want to give you a tour of my Psych 100 course site. The link to my syllabus will download a pdf of it. The first… Read moreMy Psych 100 Course Site: A Tour Bundles: Bundle Your Links

Last month I wrote about BridgeURL, a service that lets you bundle links together into one URL. Controls appear on either side of your browser window that allow you to cycle through the links. Here’s an example of a BridgeURL… Read Bundles: Bundle Your Links

BridgeURL: One Web Address for Multiple URLs

BridgeURL lets you save multiple web addresses in one web address. Send your students to one URL, and they can flip through them in a slideshow. BridgeURL is a brand new tool, and they are continuing to add features. To… Read moreBridgeURL: One Web Address for Multiple URLs

Eyejot: Video Record Your Email

For those who worry about being misunderstood in email, how about video recording your message instead? The cleverly named Eyejot provides an easy web-based user interface for recording and emailing video. They also provide a bookmarklet, a small program that… Read moreEyejot: Video Record Your Email

MarkUp: Write on Web Pages

I have an assignment where I ask students to read a NY Times article on what constitutes good study habits. I ask students to identify the recommendations in the article and then evaluate their own study habits, noting any changes… Read moreMarkUp: Write on Web Pages

Share Your Bookmarks: Mmmm…. Delicious!

You’re sitting at home, and you come across an amazing website that you think is perfect for your students.  How do you get it out to them? I wait and tell them in class. I email them. I add an… Read moreShare Your Bookmarks: Mmmm…. Delicious!