Recovering unsaved MS Office files

A lot of new tech stuff I learn is too often due to me making a bone-headed decision. In this case, I created an Excel file to look at some data. Thinking I had everything I needed, I closed the… Read moreRecovering unsaved MS Office files

Quickly change case in MS Word

Recently, I gave a presentation on academic technology at the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Faculty Development at Xavier University of Louisiana. One of my favorite tools to show is Mendeley, a pdf manager with a very nifty… Read moreQuickly change case in MS Word

Manage your pdfs and autocite in Word: Mendeley

When we moved from standing in the library making Xerox copies of journal articles to downloading pdfs from a database, it seemed like an awesome development. Until we realized that marking up pdfs digitally is not easy. I would not… Read moreManage your pdfs and autocite in Word: Mendeley

Convert images to text with OneNote

We have been talking a lot at my college about accessibility. Are our videos captioned? Do our webpages and document images have alt-text that can be read by screen readers? In that vein, I have been thinking about OCR –… Read moreConvert images to text with OneNote

Creating half-sheets in Word

I go through a lot of half-sheets of paper in my courses. On one side, students write what they found interesting in that day’s class and what questions they have about the course material. On the other side are instructions… Read moreCreating half-sheets in Word

Random Team Generator: Excel File

I’ve been doing a lot more small group work in my courses. When I let students choose their own groups, they tend to gravitate to the people they know best. That means that they frequently get the same perspective over… Read moreRandom Team Generator: Excel File

Cropping Images in MS Office: Are You Doing It Right?

Did you know that when you crop images in MS Word, PowerPoint, etc., the full image is still there? Anyone who has a copy of your file can restore the image back to the original. This is especially problematic if… Read moreCropping Images in MS Office: Are You Doing It Right?

Office 2013: Add Google Drive and Dropbox as a “Place” for Saving Files

I have put MS Office 2010 to bed and have moved on to MS Office 2013. There’s nothing like new software replacing old to knock you out of equilibrium. This post is going to deal with the “Save as” menu…. Read moreOffice 2013: Add Google Drive and Dropbox as a “Place” for Saving Files

Stuff to Try in July

It’s July! Remember how you said back in January that you wanted to try out some new things when you finally had the time for it? Your challenge for the month of July: Pick two of these to try out…. Read moreStuff to Try in July