Stuff to Try in July

It’s July! Remember how you said back in January that you wanted to try out some new things when you finally had the time for it? Your challenge for the month of July: Pick two of these to try out…. Read moreStuff to Try in July

Inserting a YouTube Video in Word Document

One of my colleagues asked how to insert a video into a Word document. Here are excellent instructions for inserting a YouTube video. If his instructions for getting the “Developer” tab don’t work for you, see these instructions.  

MagPointer: PowerPoint Add-on

MagPointer is a PowerPoint add-on (Windows only) that allows you to highlight certain areas of your PowerPoint slides on the fly. Although designed with web-based presentations in mind, it works well in the face-to-face classroom. In the screenshot below you… Read moreMagPointer: PowerPoint Add-on

PowerPoint: Animating Charts

I was recently putting together a PowerPoint 2010 presentation that had a lot of charts in it. I wanted to reveal the data gradually, so I looked for a way to animate. It’s easy to do, if not entirely intuitive…. Read morePowerPoint: Animating Charts

KeyRocket: 50% off Coupon Codes

I’ve blogged about KeyRocket before (see this post). They’ve just updated their pricing scheme. I have 3 half-off coupon codes to give away, courtesy of Veodin, the makers of KeyRocket. Codes will be given to the first three people to… Read moreKeyRocket: 50% off Coupon Codes

QTT: Drawing on PowerPoint Slides

Quick Tech Tip. Did you know that you can draw on PowerPoint slides during your presentation? You can use your mouse if you don’t have a touchscreen. When you run your PowerPoint slides, in the bottom left corner of the… Read moreQTT: Drawing on PowerPoint Slides

KeyRocket: Updated

A couple months ago I wrote about a new tool that just launched. KeyRocket has grown up in that short time. Time for an update. Ready to learn some keyboard shortcuts for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook? Download KeyRocket, and… Read moreKeyRocket: Updated

KeyRocket: Master MS Office Keyboard Shortcuts

[Update 6/6/2012 : See this newer blog post on KeyRocket.] I’m a fan of keyboard shortcuts. A few months ago I wrote a blog post on Shortmarks, a service that lets you create shortcuts to websites. This time I’m writing… Read moreKeyRocket: Master MS Office Keyboard Shortcuts

Applying Psychological Science: Practice at Retrieval

A group of psychological scientists have identified 25 principles of learning. Of those 25, this group identified 9 to explore in greater depth as they relate to instruction. In this series of posts, I’ll look at each in turn, discussing… Read moreApplying Psychological Science: Practice at Retrieval

QTT: Change Comment Color in Word 2010

Quick tech tip: Change the default color of comment boxes in MS Word 2010. In any MS Word document, select the “Review” tab, click on “Track Changes” then select “Change Tracking Options. Next to “Comments” click the dropdown menu and… Read moreQTT: Change Comment Color in Word 2010