Nudgemail is shutting down: Alternatives?

I was saddened to receive this email yesterday (Nov 26, 2023). Dear Nudgers We are sad to say that despite the support we’ve received from you over the years, Nudgemail is losing money to operate. As much as the love… Read moreNudgemail is shutting down: Alternatives?

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Send texts via email

Faculty seem to always be thinking about the best way to communicate with our students. While most academics still live inside of our email, most of our students do not. Some instructors use Remind or Slack to message their students,… Read moreSend texts via email

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Email management tips

As my colleagues at semester institutions are trying to finish out their terms and those of us on quarters are gearing up for the start of the spring term during this time of coronavirus online education, email management is more… Read moreEmail management tips

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Delay sending emails: Outlook and Gmail

A veteran colleague recently advised a newly-hired professor to not send students email at 1 am. Why? Because students will come to expect that all of their professors will respond to their email inquiries at 1 am. I don’t know… Read moreDelay sending emails: Outlook and Gmail

Print Friendly, PDF & Email Use Email to Add Appointments to Google Calendar

[Update 7/1/2015: appears to be no more.] In academia, email continues to be our primary means of communication. Since this is where we spend most of our working hours, it makes sense that we use email to keep our… Read Use Email to Add Appointments to Google Calendar

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Are You Safe and Secure?

Your computer files. Are they locked away from prying eyes? Are they backed up? Are they backed up offsite, away from fire and flood danger? For the most part, I don’t have super-secret data on my computer. I teach psychology…. Read moreAre You Safe and Secure?

Print Friendly, PDF & Email Chrome Extension for Gmail

My favorite email reminder service, (see this blog post), has just added a new tool to their arsenal. For those not familiar with the service, you send an email to, say,, and Tuesday morning, you will receive that… Read Chrome Extension for Gmail

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Super-Fast Way to Compose a New Email

Did you know that if you type mailto: in your browser’s address bar and press enter, your default email program will give you a compose screen? [Thanks to a LifeHacker reader for this tip!] Want to do it even faster?… Read moreSuper-Fast Way to Compose a New Email

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Saving a Gmail Message as a Google Calendar Event

Did you know that you can ‘import’ a gmail message into a new Google calendar event? Did you know that what most of us call appointments, Google calls events? “I have an event scheduled with my dentist.” That makes it… Read moreSaving a Gmail Message as a Google Calendar Event

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Gmail: Canned Responses

I use Phrase Express for all of my canned response needs (see this post, for example), but for those of you who just want canned responses in Gmail, check out this Google Labs option. Enabling Canned Responses In Gmail, go… Read moreGmail: Canned Responses

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