Rude Emails: PhraseExpress Can Help You Cope

I’ve written before about the utility of PhraseExpress. PhraseExpress (Windows; Mac users try TextExpander) allows you to create text shortcuts. For example, when I type #IV it automatically expands to independent variable; #slo will expand to student learning outcome; #entry… Read moreRude Emails: PhraseExpress Can Help You Cope

Spellchecking Gmail

As more and more people are moving to Gmail, some are missing the spellcheck feature of their former email program. Gmail does have spellcheck, but it’s not check-as-you-type. When you are done composing a message, click the “Check Spelling” link… Read moreSpellchecking Gmail

KeyRocket for Gmail

In June I wrote about a new tool, KeyRocket, designed to help you learn keyboard shortcuts for MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. KeyRocket now has a version available for those who use Chrome to access Gmail. Did you know that… Read moreKeyRocket for Gmail

Boomerang Calendar: Gmail/Calendar Integration

Boomerang Calendar, a gmail addin, looks for date/time information in your incoming gmail messages, compares them against your Google Calendar entries, and lets you know if you’re free or not, and then lets you schedule a time. It also allows… Read moreBoomerang Calendar: Gmail/Calendar Integration

Applying Psychological Science: Practice at Retrieval

A group of psychological scientists have identified 25 principles of learning. Of those 25, this group identified 9 to explore in greater depth as they relate to instruction. In this series of posts, I’ll look at each in turn, discussing… Read moreApplying Psychological Science: Practice at Retrieval Is Shuttering Its Windows

[Update 2/29/2012: The folks at announced that someone else will be taking over maintenance of the service.] In this earlier blog post, I recommended using as a tool for collaboration. It was a quick and easy way to… Read Is Shuttering Its Windows

EDUCAUSE Live! ECAR National Study of Undergrads and Information Technology 2011: Liveblog

12/15/2011 11:46am The presentation has moved into the Q&A session, so I’m going to wrap up here. Be sure to check out the report and the 2011 study infographic. As we slide into the winter break, I hope to have… Read moreEDUCAUSE Live! ECAR National Study of Undergrads and Information Technology 2011: Liveblog

Outlook: Turn Off Notifications

The theme for the last week on this blog has been email management. This morning I ran across a LifeHacker blog post that was talking about the same thing. See “Top 10 Tricks for Dealing with Email Overload.” That post… Read moreOutlook: Turn Off Notifications

Various Things Google

I’ve left Firefox. It was using up a massive amount of RAM (Firefox 6) and had slowed to a crawl. I started looking at my add-ons to see what might be slowing it down as I did with previous iterations… Read moreVarious Things Google

Take Back Your Time

Feeling harried?  The latest edition of Faculty Focus encourages you to take back your time. We know that humans don’t multitask.  Instead, we switch from one task to another, and in the process we lose time during that switch as… Read moreTake Back Your Time