End of 2011: Stuff to Try

As the term comes to a close and you slide into the break for a bit of a breather, consider checking out these tech tools. I know you probably don’t have time now to look at these, although if you’re… Read moreEnd of 2011: Stuff to Try

Google Calendar: Hide Late/Early Hours

I bet you don’t schedule many appointments between 9pm and 8am. Yeah, me neither. Google Calendar now gives you the option to hide those hours, or whatever early/late hours you choose. To activate the option, go to your Google Calendar,… Read moreGoogle Calendar: Hide Late/Early Hours

Appointments Off by an Hour?

[Update 12/15/2012 : Given the issues with Google Calendar Sync, I wasn’t surprised to hear that it was being sunsetted.  Use gSyncIt instead.] To users of Google Calendar Sync (synching Google Calendar with Outlook) [Everyone else can safely ignore.] Warning:… Read moreAppointments Off by an Hour?

YouCanBook.Me: Updated

Of all the tech tools I’ve written about, there’s one that garners the most praise from my readers: YouCanBook.Me. There are three faculty members on my campus that, whenever I see them, mention how much they love it. Last month… Read moreYouCanBook.Me: Updated

Appointment Slots: Google Calendar

[Update 12/15/2012 : Effective January 2013, appointment slots will no longer be an option.  Try YouCanBook.Me instead.] Google Calendar now lets you let others schedule appointments in your calendar. With YouCanBook.Me, any open time can be scheduled. With Google Calendar’s… Read moreAppointment Slots: Google Calendar

Google Calendar: Change the Color of an Event

Here’s some news for the Google calendar users. You can now change the color of an individual event. Click the top of an existing event, then select the down arrow next to the event title. Choose the color you’d like…. Read moreGoogle Calendar: Change the Color of an Event

Doodle MeetMe: A Scheduling Tool

My readers know that I’m a big fan of YouCanBook.Me (see this post). In fact YouCanBook.Me has some new functionality since I last wrote about it, which means I owe you another post on that tool. In short, YouCanBook.Me gives… Read moreDoodle MeetMe: A Scheduling Tool

Doodle: Google Calendar Integration

I’ve been a big proponent of Google calendar as a personal calendar clearinghouse, and I’m also a fan of Doodle for finding a time when everyone can get together for a meeting. While you can enter all of your free… Read moreDoodle: Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar: Create One for Your Class

There are two things on my computer I have open at all times: My email and my calendar. While I use the Outlook calendar, I sync it with Google Calendar so that any changes I make in one appear in… Read moreGoogle Calendar: Create One for Your Class

YouCanBook.Me: Customizing for My Purposes

UPDATED 9/5/2011: Be sure to read a more recent post on this tool. Last month I wrote about a new service (YouCanBook.Me) that lets students schedule appointments with you themselves. (See the original blog post.) Now that I’ve been using… Read moreYouCanBook.Me: Customizing for My Purposes