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  1. Eric Landrum
    October 20, 2010

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for all of the helpful information. When I need to schedule a meeting on campus, I take a different approach that I think is less work (although once you’ve got youcanbook.me down, it might be quicker).

    I use the free web service doodle.com — I plug in all MY available times (it is all about me, anyway) and doodle generates a link that I send to students or faculty in an email, they click on the link, then complete the doodle poll. Visual examination of the results tells me the best time to meet, or who I need to contact to (gently) twist their arm. You can have doodle send the emails directly, and like most services, you can upgrade to a “pro” account where you get enhanced functionality.

    Thank YOU for the youcanbook.me suggestion!


    P.S. I think youcanbook.me would be a fantastic way to advertise one’s office hours, and let students pre-select one of your available times for a scheduled appointment.

    • Sue Frantz
      October 20, 2010

      Eric, I completely agree with you on Doodle: http://sfrantz.wordpress.com/2009/06/19/scheduling-a-bunch-of-people-try-doodle/. If you’re trying to schedule a meeting with a bunch of people (or figure out who should bring what to a potluck) that’s totally the way to go. But for one-on-one meetings, YouCanBook.Me has Doodle beat. Once you link it to your Google Calendar, you don’t have to do anything else.

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