Canvas enhancement: Color border

As frequent readers of this blog know, I’m a fan of everyone who has the skill to create scripts that make Canvas better. This post will feature another James Jones script (thank you, James!). Like other scripts, this one uses… Read moreCanvas enhancement: Color border

Jazz up your LMS with emoji

Is all of that bland text in your LMS starting to get to you? Do you wish you could jazz it up a bit? As far as web browsers are concerned, emojis and Unicode symbols are the same as text…. Read moreJazz up your LMS with emoji

Choose your chart colors carefully

Each of us sees color differently. Download the free Color Blind Pal app to your phone or tablet. Open the app, tap “inspecting color” to change it to “filtering colors,” then tap the at the top of the screen. If… Read moreChoose your chart colors carefully

Convert images to text with OneNote

We have been talking a lot at my college about accessibility. Are our videos captioned? Do our webpages and document images have alt-text that can be read by screen readers? In that vein, I have been thinking about OCR –… Read moreConvert images to text with OneNote

Cropping Images in MS Office: Are You Doing It Right?

Did you know that when you crop images in MS Word, PowerPoint, etc., the full image is still there? Anyone who has a copy of your file can restore the image back to the original. This is especially problematic if… Read moreCropping Images in MS Office: Are You Doing It Right?

Clipping Magic: Delete the Background from Images

It’s time to clean up the graphics you use in your presentations or on your website/course management system. Remove the content you don’t want; only keep what you do want. Clipping Magic makes it about as easy as you can… Read moreClipping Magic: Delete the Background from Images

Desktoppr: Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Like having different wallpapers for your desktop? I have 110 different images that change every 15 minutes on both my work and personal laptops. (You’re right. This has nothing to do with teaching. But it is fun.) Here’s one. How… Read moreDesktoppr: Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Mind Maps

Today’s Faculty Focus article is on using mind maps to get students to engage with the course material. While the author recommends using a large sheet of a paper, I would ask faculty to consider pointing their students to…. Read moreMind Maps

Spider Scribe: Concept Mapping

In my last post, I mentioned I was at the Pacific Northwest Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Conference. After my presentation someone asked me about concept mapping tools. (I wish I could remember who he was. He was very tall. If… Read moreSpider Scribe: Concept Mapping

JoliPrint: Print Clutter-Free Webpages

[UPDATE 12/12/2012  : Bad news.  JoliPrint is shutting down effective January 4, 2012. Use instead.] Find an article online that you’d like to print out for your class for discussion that day? JoliPrint takes the webpage content and turns… Read moreJoliPrint: Print Clutter-Free Webpages