Bone conduction headphones

If you’re teaching and attending committee meetings remotely, you’re spending some serious quality time with your headphones. I had never found earbuds that didn’t irritate my ears after an hour or so. Over-the-ear headphones make my ears hot, and the… Read moreBone conduction headphones

Send texts via email

Faculty seem to always be thinking about the best way to communicate with our students. While most academics still live inside of our email, most of our students do not. Some instructors use Remind or Slack to message their students,… Read moreSend texts via email

Email management tips

As my colleagues at semester institutions are trying to finish out their terms and those of us on quarters are gearing up for the start of the spring term during this time of coronavirus online education, email management is more… Read moreEmail management tips

Office 365 Bookings tool

I first wrote about the YouCanBook.Me scheduling tool in 2010. YouCanBook.Me checks your web-based calendar to see when you are free, and then makes your free times schedulable by others, such as students. To access YouCanBook.Me’s full power, you need… Read moreOffice 365 Bookings tool

Working from home? Some ways to communicate synchronously with students

Living near Seattle during COVID-19 has been… interesting. While as of this writing, my college is open for face-to-face courses, our college president wrote, in part, “In accordance with King County Department of Public Health  guidance, we encourage supervisors to… Read moreWorking from home? Some ways to communicate synchronously with students

Check these websites for your assignments and tests

Last week, after a student confessed to using a “study guide” site to complete one or more of her homework assignments, I did some Googling. While I think I found what she was using—the words and phrases were changed up—I… Read moreCheck these websites for your assignments and tests

Add term weeks to Google Calendar

My college is on quarters, so it’s time once again for me to reset the due dates on my courses in preparation for spring quarter. I organize my class schedule by weeks, so it’s helpful for me to know what… Read moreAdd term weeks to Google Calendar

Stay safe: USB condoms, VPNs, and travel routers

USB condoms Let’s start with USB condoms, because, frankly, that’s why you decided to read this post. It’s okay to be honest. We’re friends. The cable you use to charge your phone and your tablet serve as both a power… Read moreStay safe: USB condoms, VPNs, and travel routers

Count words in your web browser

Logs for Word Counter Plus and Word Count

For the discussions in my online courses, I have added an expected minimum word count to help students better gauge what is expected of them. Each initial post has three sections, and each has a different word count minimum. Same… Read moreCount words in your web browser

Group or pin your Chrome tabs

Chrome logo

For those of us who like to—or least tend to—have a lot of browser tabs open at once, Chrome’s new “tab groups” along with the previous ability to pin tabs can help bring order to the chaos. Below, you can… Read moreGroup or pin your Chrome tabs