Zoom update: New polling questions with quiz option

Zoom has new question options available on in the latest version 5.8.3. This version is not an automatic update, so you’ll need to download it manually.

Account owners and admins can enable advanced polling to allow meeting hosts to build advanced polls or quizzes that contain multiple question/answer types, allow for images, and automatically record answers. New question/answer types include match combinations, rank answers, and fill in the blank. This feature requires version 5.8.3 or higher and currently must be enabled by Zoom. (https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201361953)

But big caveat: “Users using older versions of Zoom will not be able to participate in polls with new question types or take quizzes.” Anyone in your Zoom meeting who is not using an updated version of Zoom will not be able to answer the new question types. These question

To turn on the new poll options, go to settings by logging in at zoom.us. In the “In Meeting (Basic),” find “Meeting Polls/Quizzes.” Make sure the toggle switch to the right is set to on (blue), check the box next to “Allow host to create advanced polls and quizzes,” and click Save.

New question options are matching, rank order, short answer, and long answer.

We can make it a quiz, if we’d like. That allows us to include several questions in one quiz. For non-text-based questions, we must identify the correct answers.



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