Add term weeks to Google Calendar

My college is on quarters, so it’s time once again for me to reset the due dates on my courses in preparation for spring quarter. I organize my class schedule by weeks, so it’s helpful for me to know what week it is in the quarter—both when I’m setting my due dates for the upcoming quarter, and when we’re in the middle of a quarter. When I do this at home, I write the week numbers on a paper calendar to help me with scheduling. Today I was working on it in my office where I don’t have a paper calendar. I thought, “Hmmm… I wonder if Google Calendar has a notes-type feature that I could tack on to the beginning of each week.” It doesn’t. And then it hit me. I could create a new calendar just for the week numbers.

After I took a couple minutes to beat myself up for not thinking of this sooner, I thought I should share this calendar hack with you.

In Google Calendar, at the bottom of your list of calendars, click the plus sign next to “Other calendars.” From the pop-up menu, choose “Create new calendar.” On the next screen, name your calendar, then click the “Create calendar” button. I called mine “WEEKS”.

Give Google Calendar a minute, and then your new calendar will appear in your list of calendars. I then added an “all-day event” to each Monday in the term, naming the weeks as I went.

To see the weeks, I check the WEEKS calendar box. To turn them off, I uncheck the box.

Update 11/29/2022: For those of you on quarters, Yolanda Miller has created a Google Calendar with weeks that may match yours. (Thanks, Yolanda!)


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