Is Shuttering Its Windows

[Update 2/29/2012: The folks at announced that someone else will be taking over maintenance of the service.]

In this earlier blog post, I recommended using as a tool for collaboration. It was a quick and easy way to create email distribution lists. Unfortunately just announced that they’re closing down effective March 1st, 2012. They are open to a buyer, so if someone is looking for a business opportunity…

Looking for an alternative? Try Google Groups. You can create a private group just for your class. I’ll write more about how Google Groups work in a future blog post.

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3 thoughts on “ Is Shuttering Its Windows

  1. Sue, One of the issues I have with Google now revolves around its new privacy policy, which if you don’t want them sharing EVERYTHING, then simply stop using their services. This is a bit of a bummer as I have been using Google Calendar, but with all the tie in’s to personal information, I will be stoping that service as well.

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