Nudgemail is shutting down: Alternatives?

I was saddened to receive this email yesterday (Nov 26, 2023).

Dear Nudgers

We are sad to say that despite the support we’ve received from you over the years, Nudgemail is losing money to operate. As much as the love we’ve had for this product has never stopped (we ourselves still use it to this day), we unfortunately cannot afford to support the efforts.

Nudgemail will be shutting down in December – but with any luck this could be temporary. If you would like to remain notified if we have the capacity to resume in the future, please let us know here.

In the meantime, if you have open Nudges, we recommend you take immediate action and send an email to to get all of them sent your way.

This is a difficult moment for us, as it has truly been one of our favorite inventions. Thank you for all the support!

Team Nudgemail

Nudgemail has been my go-to email management tool since 2010. After a brief moment of panic, I realized that Gmail, Outlook, and Mailbird (my current email app) all have improved their “snooze” game. When you snooze an email message, it gets pulled out of your inbox and then reappears at the time you designated at the very top of your inbox.

While this built-in snooze doesn’t have all of the features of Nudgemail—such as the ability to set up recurring messages—it’s not a bad alternative.

The tool most similar to Nudgemail and at the most affordable price of the tools in this category is FollowUpThen. In the free plan, you get 50 reminders a month. Although, this really isn’t any different than snoozing messages. If you want the power-user tools that include recurring followups and features that Nudgemail didn’t have, e.g. followups with attachments, a calendar subscription (see your followups on your calendar), and SMS texting of your reminders, it’s $48/year. Take advantage of their 14-day free trial to explore these advanced features.

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