Faculty development: Available for remote presentations

I have been getting inquiries regarding my availability to present to faculty remotely. I am very happy to do this.

Most commonly, I have given presentations on using the tech tools and tips covered in this blog to make your life as an academic easier. For example, if you’re not using a clipboard manager (e.g., Ditto for Windows, Copy Less 2 for Mac) and a text expander (e.g., PhraseExpress for both Windows and Mac), then your assignment grading is more time-consuming than it needs to be.

I have also given presentations on interteaching. This teaching method works well for online, hybrid, virtual, and face-to-face courses. And for those of you who are going flex—where some of your students may be participating in the class synchronously and other asynchronously—interteaching would work for you, too. Interteaching is scalable—use it for one week, a few weeks, or all term. Keep your exams or ditch your exams. Use it however you feel most comfortable. Read more on how I use interteaching in my synchronous and asynchronous classes.

If either of these topics sound like they would be useful for your faculty, please contact me at sue@suefrantz.com to discuss what we can do within your budget.

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