Dropbox: How to Get More Free Space

Dropbox.com provides you with 2GB free space out of the box. If other people who are invited by you join, Dropbox will increase your allotted space by either 500MB (edu accounts) or 250MB (everyone else) up to an additional 16GB for a total of 18GB. I was recently asked how exactly one gets that additional space.

  1. Share a folder with someone who doesn’t have a Dropbox.com account yet. If they join Dropbox.com as a result of your invitation, more MBs for you.


  2. Send your friends, family, and colleagues a link. Go to the Dropbox.com referrals page. Here you have a few options. Log into your web-based email service and get all your contacts so you can pick and choose who to send the link to. Or you can just enter the email addresses of your invitees directly. Or you can push your invitation out to Facebook or Twitter. Or, at the very bottom of the page, copy the link directly. Anyone who signs up via that link gets you extra space – and gets themselves extra space.

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