Appointments Off by an Hour?

[Update 12/15/2012 : Given the issues with Google Calendar Sync, I wasn’t surprised to hear that it was being sunsetted.  Use gSyncIt instead.]

To users of Google Calendar Sync (synching Google Calendar with Outlook)
[Everyone else can safely ignore.]

Warning: Appointments added to Google Calendar may show up in Outlook one hour off for the next week.

Possible solutions:

  1. Free option: Double check your calendars to make sure the times are correct.
  2. $19.99 option: Switch from the free Google Calendar Sync to the $19.99 gysncit for synchronizing Google Calendar and Outlook.  (


Why the federal government is to blame:

It all started when they changed the dates for daylight savings time.  Apparently Google Calendar Sync is coded in such a way that it recognizes the old dates for daylight savings time.  Between the last Sunday in October and the first Sunday in November, it will sync appointments one hour off.  You’ll have the same experience in spring when we do this again.

Why Google is to blame:

You’d think it would be simple to do a little recoding in Google Calendar Sync to recognize the new dates that have been in effect since 2007.  But apparently not.



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