JustBeamIt: Transfer Large Files

As you all know, I’m a Dropbox fan. But what happens when your Dropbox capacity is 2GB and you’re sharing a folder with someone who has 16GB, and that person puts a 3GB file in your shared folder? (Shout out to the attendees of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology’s Best Practices conference – especially to the person who raised this question!) Well, Dropbox chokes.

Here’s an alternative.

JustBeamIt.com (via LifeHacker) lets you transfer large files others. How it works? You go to JustBeamIt.com, drag your file onto the webpage.

Copy the URL (CTRL-C), and send it to your collaborator.

You have to stay on the page until your file has completely uploaded and until your collaborator appears. Your collaborator needs to stay on the page until the file has been completely downloaded.

See the “waiting for recipient” message in the bottom right corner? Once the file download is completed, it changes to “transfer complete!” The file will be in your recipient’s browser’s download folder.

That’s it.

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