Change color of Google Drive folders

For all of you Google Drive fans and everyone else who is forced to use Google Drive against your will, take some time today to color code your folders. Perhaps you want to more easily see which Google Drive account you are in. You can make the first folder in your work account the color “pool” (light blue) and make the first folder in your personal Google Drive account “toy eggplant.” (Pool? Toy eggplant??). I suspect that someone who used to work for Crayola now works for Google. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe the color-namer at Google is taking this opportunity to add a little something to their portfolio so that they can get their dream job at Crayola.

Or you can color code by mood. Do you have a folder for a committee or a project you are just not leaping up and down about? Perhaps “earthworm” would be a good folder color match for your feelings.

Go to Right-click on a folder. Mouse over “Change color,” select a color from the palette. If you hover over the color for a second, the color name will appear. After mousing over all the colors, send me your favorite color name.


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