New Zoom whiteboards

I wish it would have occurred to someone to call whiteboards “snowboards.” That sounds way more fun.

Zoom has had a rudimentary whiteboard as part of its Screenshare menu. For those of you who find that that whiteboard serves your purposes, keep using it.

For those of you have wished that the Zoom whiteboard had a little more functionality, check out the new Zoom whiteboards.

In your Zoom meeting room, you can find the new Whiteboards button in the bottom toolbar.

You can also access your whiteboards—and create new ones—by logging into the website. Have you created a whiteboard you want to use as a template? Click the 3-dot kabob icon on the whiteboard you want to duplicate, and select “Duplicate.”

After opening a whiteboard in your Zoom meeting, use the toolbar on the left to draw or type. Click the icon at the very bottom of this toolbar to add an additional 11 pages for a total of 12. From this same icon, you can delete pages or completely erase a page. Click the 3-dot kabob menu icon in the top right to export your whiteboard as an image file (png) or pdf. Want collaborators (co-owners, editors, commenters, or just viewers)? Click the blue Share button. Want to change the size of the webcam videos? Click and drag the horizontal bars on the webcam/whiteboard divider. (Speaking of webcams, do you like my ultra-serious thinking face?) To close the whiteboard, click on the bright red “Close Whiteboard” button at the top of the screen. It took me way too long to find it. I was looking for an X to click on.

Happy snowboarding!

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