Decode a QR Code

On the “Tech Handout” page I now have two documents. One is my general tech handout; the other focuses on collaboration tools. At some point I’ll probably merge them into one big document, but until then I have two. Both have a QR code at the top. I noticed that they were different codes. I wondered where they went.

At this point I had a number of options. Leave them as is and continue to wonder. Go find my phone and scan them. Or search the internet for a QR code decoder. I opted for the latter and used Esponce as my decoder.

I saved both codes to my desktop, went to the Esponce website, then dragged one code into the box,

And it gave me this.

The other one, for the curious went directly to the tech handout page.

Want to try it yourself? Right-click on each of the QR codes above and save them to your desktop. Go to, and drag and drop each in turn.

To generate a QR code, on the Esponce website, select the Generate” tab. I’ve also recommended for such a purpose. For more on QR codes, see this earlier blog post.

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