QTT: Windows+M

New blog feature: Quick Tech Tips (QTT). These will be short and sweet. Think of them as a technological amuse bouche.

Windows users: To minimize all of your windows, press the windows key on your keyboard and simultaneously press M.

Windows key

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2 thoughts on “QTT: Windows+M

  1. Thanks, Matt! If you use Windows+D to show desktop, then you can use Windows+D again to restore your windows as you had them. If you use Windows+M to minimize all windows, you need to click on the window you want to show it. I think of Windows+M as a quick way to start over, and Windows+D as a quick way to get at stuff on my desktop. Of course you can also ‘start over’ with Windows+D — just don’t hit it again. Instead, click on whatever window you’d like to open. Put that way, Windows+D is more versatile. =)

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