New Functionality

Since I wrote about in February 2011, the developers have added some new features. For those who missed that post, is a desktop sharing application. Run, and the program generates a URL. Share that URL with whomever… Read New Functionality

Dropbox: Get Link (No, I Don’t Mean the Public Folder)

The newest Dropbox feature, made available to all on 4/23/2012, is “get link.” You no longer have to put content in a public folder to share it. Open your Dropbox folder, right click on the filename or folder (yes, I… Read moreDropbox: Get Link (No, I Don’t Mean the Public Folder)

The Horizon Report in Action: Emerging Technologies Today and Tomorrow

Live blogging from EDUCAUSE’s session on the Horizon Report. The Horizon Report “review[s] various emerging technologies likely to have a significant impact on teaching, learning, or creative expression over the next five years and highlight how institutions across the world… Read moreThe Horizon Report in Action: Emerging Technologies Today and Tomorrow

Applying Psychological Science: Practice at Retrieval

A group of psychological scientists have identified 25 principles of learning. Of those 25, this group identified 9 to explore in greater depth as they relate to instruction. In this series of posts, I’ll look at each in turn, discussing… Read moreApplying Psychological Science: Practice at Retrieval Is Shuttering Its Windows

[Update 2/29/2012: The folks at announced that someone else will be taking over maintenance of the service.] In this earlier blog post, I recommended using as a tool for collaboration. It was a quick and easy way to… Read Is Shuttering Its Windows

End of 2011: Stuff to Try

As the term comes to a close and you slide into the break for a bit of a breather, consider checking out these tech tools. I know you probably don’t have time now to look at these, although if you’re… Read moreEnd of 2011: Stuff to Try

Dropbox: The Founder

A colleague (thanks Craig C.!) recently sent me a link to a Forbes article (10/18/2011) about Drew Houston, founder of Dropbox. (Disclaimer: Craig swears he doesn’t usually read Forbes; he was in the waiting room of his dentist’s office.) At… Read moreDropbox: The Founder

JustBeamIt: Transfer Large Files

As you all know, I’m a Dropbox fan. But what happens when your Dropbox capacity is 2GB and you’re sharing a folder with someone who has 16GB, and that person puts a 3GB file in your shared folder? (Shout out… Read moreJustBeamIt: Transfer Large Files

Mind Maps

Today’s Faculty Focus article is on using mind maps to get students to engage with the course material. While the author recommends using a large sheet of a paper, I would ask faculty to consider pointing their students to…. Read moreMind Maps

TitanPad: Now with Private Space

TitanPad allows you to quickly collaborate. Create a public pad, copy the URL, and email it to your collaborators. They follow the link, then just start typing in the pad. In the top right corner, new visitors are assigned a… Read moreTitanPad: Now with Private Space