MS PowerToys

For Windows users, there is free collection of utilities called PowerToys that add some functionality to Windows. While there are a dozen tools in PowerToys, there are two I’m particularly enamored with: mouse utilities and video conference mute. Working with… Read moreMS PowerToys

Zoom update: New polling questions with quiz option

Zoom has new question options available on in the latest version 5.8.3. This version is not an automatic update, so you’ll need to download it manually. Account owners and admins can enable advanced polling to allow meeting hosts to build… Read moreZoom update: New polling questions with quiz option

Canvas enhancements

One of the advantages of using the Canvas learning management system is that it is built on a platform that makes it easy to make it do things that its inherent programming doesn’t allow it to do. By “easy,” I… Read moreCanvas enhancements

Read Aloud for Firefox and Chrome

Some people, for a large number of reasons, have an easier time understanding written content when it is read aloud. The course management systems are getting better at this—such as Canvas’s Immersive Reader—but they still have a ways to go…. Read moreRead Aloud for Firefox and Chrome

Looking for new ways to handle web browser bookmarks?

Let’s start with the easiest solution. Browser bookmarks bar Your web browser bookmarks bar sits directly under the search/web address bar. If it’s not there, turn it on. In Firefox, click the 3-line icon in the top right corner of… Read moreLooking for new ways to handle web browser bookmarks?

Live captioning in Chrome for Windows

Chrome for Windows now has live captioning. (The same functionality is coming for Chrome for Macs.) For any video you play in Chrome, you can display captions for that video even if the video itself is not captioned. Chrome “listens”… Read moreLive captioning in Chrome for Windows

Interested in signing up for a Tech for Academics workshop?

Friends and colleagues, I’m exploring offering Zoom-based Technology for Academics online workshops as a professional development opportunity. Each workshop would be limited to 10 to 15 participants, be no longer than 60 to 90 minutes including hands-on practice time, and… Read moreInterested in signing up for a Tech for Academics workshop?

Password manager: Time to get one

If you are not yet using a password manager, it’s time. It’s past time, actually. You are way overdue. Protect yourself There are three big things you can do to protect yourself online. Use a different password for every website…. Read morePassword manager: Time to get one

Clipboard managers

The clipboard manager I’m thinking about is not a manager who stands around holding a clipboard. Your computer clipboard holds onto things you’ve copied, making them available for you to paste. Apps that manage this clipboard are called clipboard managers…. Read moreClipboard managers

Zoom updates

Zoom has two kind of updates: prompted and manual. With the prompted updates, when you run Zoom on your computer, Zoom will give you a pop-up that says, “Hey! There’s a new version of Zoom. Download it.” With the manual… Read moreZoom updates