Open Chrome bookmarks in new tab

Do you know the most common way I learn about new technology? Something starts bugging me, and I go looking for a solution. Today’s problem? If I want to keep my existing Chrome tabs open, to open a bookmark in… Read moreOpen Chrome bookmarks in new tab Annotate the Web

It didn’t take long. I found a replacement for Beanote, the Chrome extension I wrote about in my last blog post. has more power and more flexibility. Add to any webpage a personal note just for yourself, a note… Read Annotate the Web

Beanote: Add a sticky note to Chrome webpage

Sometimes I want to add a note to a webpage. Beanote is a Chrome browser extension that will let me do that. When I give my tech tools presentation, I discuss LastPass, for example. I don’t always remember all of… Read moreBeanote: Add a sticky note to Chrome webpage