QTT: Jump to Address Bar in Firefox and Chrome

I’m a fan of keyboard shortcuts, so here’s another one. (Okay. I confess. My wife asked me to find this one for her.) Let’s say you’re reading a webpage, and in the process, your cursor gets moved out of the… Read moreQTT: Jump to Address Bar in Firefox and Chrome

QTT: Change Comment Color in Word 2010

Quick tech tip: Change the default color of comment boxes in MS Word 2010. In any MS Word document, select the “Review” tab, click on “Track Changes” then select “Change Tracking Options. Next to “Comments” click the dropdown menu and… Read moreQTT: Change Comment Color in Word 2010

QTT: Download TED Videos

Quick Tech Tip: In a previous post (November, 2010) I suggested using Zamzar to download TED videos. Since then TED has added this functionality themselves. Below the video, click the “DOWNLOAD” button. That will call up this window. Right-click on… Read moreQTT: Download TED Videos

QTT: Using Folder Favorites

Quick Tech Tip. In my last two posts I’ve addressed ways to get to the folder where your open Word document is located. Folder navigation in general can be a hassle – unless you’re the kind of person who just… Read moreQTT: Using Folder Favorites

QTT: Firefox Search

Quick Tech Tip: In the Firefox search box, click the icon on the left side of the box to select other search locations. Click “Manage Search Engines” to find others to include.

QTT: Windows+M

New blog feature: Quick Tech Tips (QTT). These will be short and sweet. Think of them as a technological amuse bouche. Windows users: To minimize all of your windows, press the windows key on your keyboard and simultaneously press M…. Read moreQTT: Windows+M