Appointment Slots: Google Calendar

[Update 12/15/2012 : Effective January 2013, appointment slots will no longer be an option. ┬áTry YouCanBook.Me instead.] Google Calendar now lets you let others schedule appointments in your calendar. With YouCanBook.Me, any open time can be scheduled. With Google Calendar’s… Read moreAppointment Slots: Google Calendar

Create an Email List:

There’s a lot to be said for a good old-fashioned email list. One address emails a bunch of people. makes it easy to create an email list and makes it easy to manage it. I use an email list… Read moreCreate an Email List:

Spider Scribe: Concept Mapping

In my last post, I mentioned I was at the Pacific Northwest Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Conference. After my presentation someone asked me about concept mapping tools. (I wish I could remember who he was. He was very tall. If… Read moreSpider Scribe: Concept Mapping

Dropbox: Get More Space

For those of you who have taken the Dropbox plunge, if you signed up with your edu email account Dropbox wants to double the space you get from referrals. That’s now 500MB per referral. And it’s retroactive. That’s right. They’ll… Read moreDropbox: Get More Space

Discussion Board

I had a student come by my office yesterday. She has a website where she’d like to have a discussion board for her visitors to use. I knew that there must be some discussion board services out there that will… Read moreDiscussion Board

Doodle MeetMe: A Scheduling Tool

My readers know that I’m a big fan of YouCanBook.Me (see this post). In fact YouCanBook.Me has some new functionality since I last wrote about it, which means I owe you another post on that tool. In short, YouCanBook.Me gives… Read moreDoodle MeetMe: A Scheduling Tool

Dropbox Folder Sync

As my regular readers know, I’m a big fan of Dropbox (see this earlier post). Dropbox adds a new folder to your ‘My Documents’ folder called ‘My Dropbox.’ Let’s say that you’ve created a folder in ‘My Documents’ called ‘Important… Read moreDropbox Folder Sync

Corkboard: New Features

In December 2010 I wrote a post about Corkboard, a virtual bulletin board. They just announced some new features. You’re welcome to play around with this live board. If you have frequently-changing content for your students, it would be easy… Read moreCorkboard: New Features

Doodle: Google Calendar Integration

I’ve been a big proponent of Google calendar as a personal calendar clearinghouse, and I’m also a fan of Doodle for finding a time when everyone can get together for a meeting. While you can enter all of your free… Read moreDoodle: Google Calendar Integration Share Your Desktop.

[UPDATE: See this more recent post on Join.Me’s newest features.] Let’s say that you’re working with a few colleagues on a project. They’re scattered across campus (or the country). It may be easier if everyone is looking at the same… Read Share Your Desktop.