QTT: Jump to Address Bar in Firefox and Chrome

I’m a fan of keyboard shortcuts, so here’s another one. (Okay. I confess. My wife asked me to find this one for her.)

Let’s say you’re reading a webpage, and in the process, your cursor gets moved out of the address bar. You now want to type in another web address, so you reach for your mouse to move the cursor into the address bar ready to highlight the URL so you can replace it with a new one.

But wait! You don’t need your mouse.

In Firefox and Chrome, CTRL-L not only places the cursor in the address bar, but it also highlights the entire URL. Just start typing your new URL.

Use this keyboard shortcut in combination with Shortmarks (see this previous blog post) for blazing fast web-browsing.

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8 thoughts on “QTT: Jump to Address Bar in Firefox and Chrome

  1. Thanks! This will use my RAM much more efficiently than my old habit of just hitting ctrl+t for a new tab every time I want to go somewhere else.

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